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HTML Email

By Patrick Byrne on June 13, 2014.

We recently added HTML versions of many of our email notifications. These new emails are much nicer to look at and give us flexibility to provide more information and context without overwhelming the message by using CSS to emphasize the most important information. Response from our members has been very positive, and we’ll be continuing the rollout to the rest of our notifications. However, the road to get from plain-text emails to HTML emails was fraught with peril, so I want to share some of the lessons that we learned.

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Throttle Record Creation in ActiveRecord

By Tristan Dunn on June 6, 2014.

Throttling the creation of records is a component of our spam protection at Dribbble. There’s no sane reason for a user to create more than 10 comments in two minutes, or more than 100 comments in one day. We’ve had a method for setting these types of limits for a while, but we’ve extracted it into an open-source library, allowed.

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Development Behind the Design

By Tristan Dunn on October 23, 2013.

Did you know there is a ton of development behind Dribbble? Probably so, but you haven’t heard much about it before. We’ll be sharing what we’re working on behind the scenes, interviewing developers using the API, showing how we use libraries, extracting libraries from our code, and more.

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